Sunday, March 1, 2015

McCools meet Paige

Since Kristen was out of town and it was evening, the McCool's didn't come up on the day Paige was born.  So they decided to come up Sunday morning when we were home and hang out for the day.  They brought us Paige's gift, a monogrammed coming home outfit - that since she was born early she didn't get to wear.  It's crazy how much doesn't go according to plan when your baby is born 3 weeks early.  As soon as they got there, all the kids ran and played in the playroom.  It was nice to have awhile to just eat lunch and have adult conversation.  Kristen took some family pictures for us and then we just sat around.  

It was also immediately apparent who liked the baby and who wasn't quite sure.  Grayson smiled as soon as he saw her.  He wanted to hold her and kiss her and he just looked so excited to meet her.  He is going to be a big help when they have baby #3.  Reese on the other hand was a little skeptical.  She looked at her and touched her leg, but didn't want to hold her.  When they got home that day, Kristen texted me that Reese said "I love AJ, not baby Paige."  It made me laugh so hard.  I love my Reesey!

We actually got a cousins picture!  We took 100, so one wasn't too much to hope for.  But they each got a turn to hold the baby, although Reese declined.  Grayson was so happy to hold her and he looks so big.  Harper always loves to hold her.  And to be honest, Harper just loves to be with her cousins, she loves them so much.  Paige was a little orange because she hadn't really gotten her jaundice out.  She had a tiny, tiny bit but the doctor wasn't worried.  But I think it's hilarious that the three big cousins all look so similar - white, blue eyes, blonde hair.  And then there's Paige, who looks darker skinned like she's been fake baking, dark colored eyes, and dark brown hair.  It'll be interesting to see how much of the dark stays.  

After lunch, we went outside because it was 75 degrees and awesome.  The kids ran around and played on the trampoline and the play house.  They collected rocks, which seems to be such a fun thing for a kid to do.  Grayson brought his bow and arrow and got to shoot around outside.  Then, Cody and Brian took the kids on a walk around the pond.  I love that as they were leaving, Reese ran and grabbed Cody's hand.  She likes to be his little buddy.  Kristen and I sat and chatted and just watched Paige.  She is so good and sweet, and sleeps all day long.  Love her so much.

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