Tuesday, March 3, 2015

A Week of Paige

The first week with baby Paige was both awesome and also a big learning experience.  Cody was able to stay home for her first week.  He was off the Thursday she was born until the next Wednesday.  We got home Friday night and just relaxed and went to bed.  She was so small and was still sleeping every minute of the day.  She didn't even care about eating.  She was just so tired.  Saturday we were able to just clean up around the house and hang out all day.

Even though she was almost 7 lb at birth, she still seemed so small.  Her first doctor's appointment was Tuesday when she was 5 days old.  She had lost 6 oz but Lipscomb said she was still perfect and beautiful.  She was a tiny bit yellow, but not enough to be a problem.  All of her newborn sleepers are huge.  The newborn clothes are even bigger.  Even though her weight is normal, she is skinny and they swallow her.  She doesn't like her pacifier, she usually just spits it out.  I don't know what to do about that, we are a paci family.  And a few times we have seen her sucking her thumb, which we are trying to avoid.  Hopefully, she figures out that the paci is good for her (and me).  

Harper is in love with Paige.  She wants to hold her, pat her head, squeeze her, play with her, etc.  She likes to give her the paci when she cries.  She is the first one to go check on her when she is fussy.  And she has no problem telling everyone else what to do when they are holding her or she is crying.  She likes to do the antibacterial gel, which has become more of a toy.  It has taken at least the whole week to get it in her head that you can't just be in Paige's face all the time.  She doesn't like being told she can't do something with Paige.  It was definitely hard for her to understand and she didn't like it.  But she absolutely adores her and it makes us extremely happy and proud of her.  

Towards the middle of the week, Paige finally started having a little awake time.  She would be awake for about an hour in the morning and evening.  However, on Wednesday night, she slept through the evening and was awake all night until about midnight.  This was of course Cody's last night before school, so he had to get sleep.  It was definitely a rough morning for us, especially since my hormonal self was sad that he was going back to work.  Thankfully, being the wonderful husband he is, he surprised us by coming home for lunch and helping out.  

Our routine for the first week was pretty good.  Harper and Cody got up around 7 and played.  I slept with Paige until about 8.  Then we all ate breakfast and hung out at home.  Sometimes Paige would sleep in her lamb chair, but mostly we just held her.  Cody would take Harper to the park or the store to get her out of the house for a little while.  Paige and I would relax or nap during that time.  Then we would get dinner from one of our wonderful bible study girls and it was such a blessing.  Bath and bed for Harper at 7:30 and then feeding and bed for us at 8:30.  It sounds crazy to go to bed at 8, but it was the only way I felt like I was getting enough sleep throughout the night.  

It was so good to have Cody home.  He was so helpful with Harper and he did dishes, baths, pick up, etc.  It was nice.  Tuesday I took Paige to the doctor and he took Harper to dance class.  I can only imagine how funny it was for all the moms to be sitting and talking kids, gossip, etc.  Wednesday, we took Harper to preschool church (BSF) and then went and ate donuts.  Donuts are one of Cody's favorite breakfast foods.  I thought I could entice him to stay home longer, but no go.  We went and walked around Walmart and just felt a little normal for a bit.  Then we grabbed Harper and spent the rest of the day hanging out.  Throughout the week, we had dinners from friends and bible study.  We got diapers delivered from friends (since we missed the shower, we had no diapers at home!).  It was such a great week to just relax and get used to having two.  It definitely is different.  That's for sure.  

Happy 1 Week Paige Marie.  It feels like you've been in our family forever.  

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