Sunday, March 8, 2015

Paige's New Friends and Family

Our first two weeks of visitors.  So good to see our family and friends and let them meet Paige.  They have all been waiting and praying for her so I love having pictures of them with Paige just home from the hospital.  Cody's Uncle Robert and Aunt Kita came to meet her as well as my parents came to visit and hang out for the day.  Our bible study brought us dinner for two weeks and kept us so well fed.  We truly could not be more grateful.  It was such a wonderful blessing.  Not having to cook or clean much and still being able to eat good food - it was so amazing.  The Davis', Myers, Towerys, Pilchers, and Smiths.  We love them and are so thankful for our group.  My moms group came too, Tina and Kristi, as well as my new friend, Lauren, from BSF.  They are such wonderful women and I honestly know that if I needed anything, any of them would drop what they were doing and come help me.  And last, the Duff's were in town on Valentine's day visiting Jeremy's family so they stopped by for just a little bit.  So good to see them since it's not very often.  We love when they are in town.  We have gotten tons of love and support and I'm so thankful!

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