Friday, March 6, 2015

Paige's First Bath

Paige got her first bath and she was not a happy camper.  She hates to be cold so getting naked, changing clothes, or getting her diaper changed means that she screams.  And I mean, screams, loud and long.  Her first bath was at 1 week and she was so little and squirmy.  Harper got a bath after her and decided to wash her baby too.  Since this, she has gotten accustomed to her bath and if we keep a warm rag on her, she seems to tolerate it pretty well.  Harper helps now.  We do both of them in the bath at the same time so Harper can wash her feet and then while I'm dressing Paige, she gets to play and wash up.  We have started bathing her every night because it wakes her up and she seems pretty happy after her warm bath.  It gives me a little hope that maybe she'll sleep better at night if she is awake just a little more during the day.  

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