Saturday, April 18, 2015

Paige is 2 months old!

Paige is 2 months old!  She is getting so big!  She was 10 pounds 15 ounces and 21 3/4 inches long at her check up.  She is doing so good.  Eating and sleeping pretty decent for 2 months.  She is on a lactose free formula since we think she may be lactose intolerant.  It seems to have helped her fussiness at night.  She drinks 8 bottles a day, about every 3 hours, give or take.  Usually about 3 ounces, but can drink less than 2 if she's too tired or more than 4 if she's really hungry.  She burps pretty well and it's usually a loud one.  She eats and plays for about an hour, and then sleeps for an hour or two.  Then repeats.  She takes an early morning nap and a long afternoon nap and then she is usually extremely happy after both.  It's her happiest time.  She is finally sleeping at night, waking after 3-4 hours and going right back to sleep.  It's nice because I'm not super tired anymore and I can usually count on 7ish hours of sleep.  She really is a sweet, good baby.

She is a pretty happy baby most of the time.  She laughs and coos and smiles a ton.  Especially after a good nap and bottle.  She loves to watch Harper dance and talk to her.  She never fusses when Harper is entertaining her.  She likes people but if she is tired she wants her mama mostly.  During her awake hour, she plays in her lamb chair (it's a first!) and her playmate.  She likes to look at the animals and loves to stare into the mirror.  She has started to like her paci when she is upset or tired.  But she doesn't really need it to sleep and she still can't hold it in for long.  She can hold her head up almost steady and loves to be up looking around.  She hates the dogs because she isn't used to their bark and it scares her every time.  She doesn't even really like to be outside.  It's been windy this spring and I don't think she likes it.  Plus, she really dislikes light in her eyes, so if the sun is shining, she would rather be inside.  She is getting used to her car seat and will sleep in it sometimes.  I have even gotten her to transfer asleep a few times.  She sleeps in her crib most of the time.  Every now and then, she sleeps on me if she is fussy.  She does take a cat nap on the couch at night between her feedings, because it's usually only 30 minutes to an hour.  She does love to be held and rocked though, it's a sure thing when she is fussy.  Overall, she is an easier baby at this point than Harper, so I'm thankful for that.  

Paige is well loved.  Everywhere we go, every thinks she is beautiful.  All of our friends love holding her, which is so sweet.  And of course, Harper would hold her any day of the week.  Everyone at BSF has been kind and always wants to see her.  And I'm thankful they don't mind when she makes noise during lecture.  She always seems to have hiccups during class.  I am getting used to 2 kids, but it's still way easier to stay home and relax and let Paige nap.  She just doesn't like to be moved a lot or woken up during her nap.  So going from place to place while she sleeps makes her cranky.  And theres only so long that you can listen to her scream in the car before you just stop.  It has taken me awhile to just be ok with the days that she needs me to hold her and I get nothing done.  Or to understand that Harper's bad moods coincide with Paige's neediness.  2 is definitely a learning curve. It feels like we have been "just surviving" for so long, but it's only been 2 months and we are already started to progress.  And for that, I'm thankful.  

Don't ask why Harper is naked.  It's so common around here these days, that I honestly can't remember.  But she had to get in at least one picture with sister. 

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