Friday, March 6, 2015

Family Pictures

On Sunday, when Paige was three days old, the McCools were coming to visit.  I always ask my sister to take our pictures because she does a good job and knows what I like.  Then Cody can edit them and we have family pictures.  It works well for us.  So we got a few pictures in before they got here of Harper and Paige.  Paige was still a little jaundice at this point and she is so orange in some of the pictures.  Like, jersey shore tan orange.  Harper was so excited to get to hold her and take pictures.  And she did pretty good for a 3 year old.  Paige was not having it and did not like all the moving while she was trying to sleep.  Plus, her newborn outfits were all huge on her and she was swimming in fabric.  So eventually we just swaddled her and she was much happier during the rest of the pictures.  And I love that when Harper was tired of taking pictures and being told what to do, she had no problem showing it.  She was done.  After a little while, Kristen got there and took some pictures of all four of us.  We even were able to take some outside because it was a random 70 degree day in the beginning of February.  

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