Sunday, March 22, 2015

Snow Day

The last day of February and the first week of March it iced and snowed for days.  Harper has been asking for snow all winter so she was super excited when it did.  The first one was two full days of sleet, rain, and ice.  It built up and was very thick.  Cody got off work and we stayed home for the whole time.  It was cold and so nice to just snuggle up inside.  Harper wanted to go outside and play so Cody took her.  They played outside for an hour, walking around and sledding down the hill.  She loved every minute.  The next week, it snowed for two days.  Solid, blizzard like snow that left almost 6 inches of soft, fluffy snow.  It was beautiful.  She ran out the second time and flopped down in the snow and made snow angels.  They made a mini snowman on the patio table that she named Olaf, of course.  They rode the four wheeler for awhile and stayed as long as they could outside.  When they came in, Harper's face was solid red and her fingers were icicles.  Poor kid doesn't have any snow gear so we just loaded on the layers but it wasn't enough.  I stayed in both times with Paige and kept warm.  I am thankful for a husband who will play in 20 degree weather though.  Such a champ.  :)

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