Thursday, March 12, 2015

Newborn Pictures

Cody took some newborn pictures of her later in the week.  We tried the naked pictures, but they were kinda awkward.  Then, we borrowed a diaper cover from my sister and those turned out much better.  She also pooped and peed a few too many times while she was naked, so the second time was a much easier and cleaner event.  We also tried to take some pictures in her coming home outfit that Aunt Kristen bought her.  It has her name on it and is so precious.  And of course it is huge on her.  She is like 7 1/2 lbs so she isn't tiny.  But somehow, she is just little and nothing fits well.  We also got to use her blanket from my friend Kari Piazza.  I love that this is her special blanket with her name and it has kept her warm all month when it's been cold out.  Harper did a good job helping with the photo shoot.  She got her Fisher Price camera out and took pictures also.  And when she was a little bored, she got in a few pics with Paige.  

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