Saturday, February 28, 2015

Paige is 1 Day Old

Friday was spent in the hospital, just hanging out and relaxing with Paige.  It was a pretty easy day.  I ordered enough breakfast for the sisters and I while Cody was home getting Harper ready to come visit.  Harper was so excited to come up and see Paige again and she held her all morning.  She also enjoyed running around the hospital playing on their computers and running in the halls.  Paige ate and slept, ate and slept.  Dr. Lipscomb saw her that morning and said that she was perfect and gave her a great report.  She passed all her tests and spent most of the day just being held by everyone.  Taylor and Carleigh went home with Harper for nap time and they all three just relaxed at home.  Cody and I laid around the hospital room and enjoyed some peace and quiet for most of the afternoon.  We only had Buddy and Kelly come visit since we told most people we would be home Friday so we thought home visits would be easier.  Around 4pm, we were told we could go home (we asked, we were ready!).  It still took a few hours for them to discharge us, read us all the paperwork, explain all the meds, and for us to get packed up.  But we were able to head home around 6 and it was nice to be comfy in our own house.  We put her in an outfit so she would stay warm on the way home and it was so big on her!  She is so little!

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