Sunday, September 28, 2014


So, yep, we are pregnant!  We are due on February 18th and looking very forward to that day.  We found out over Father's Day weekend and I surprised Cody by signing Baby #2's name on his card.  He was happy!  I took a picture of the stick because I wanted confirmation later when I wasn't sure, since I didn't show Cody right away.  

We knew right away and got to see our first sonogram at 7 weeks.  Everything was perfect, the baby was just a little small.  Heartbeat was perfect and the baby looked healthy.  I got pretty sick from about six weeks on.  And not just a little nauseous like last time.  With Harper in the beginning, I could eat and it would curb the nausea and I survived easily.  But during the third trimester, I started throwing up everything I ate and was put on a strict diet of fruits, veggies, and simple foods.  So after 4 weeks of throwing everything up and not being able to get off the couch, I started on the same diet and life got a little better.  I ate scrambled eggs for breakfast, a smoothie for lunch, and a salad for dinner every single day for about 4 weeks.  It was hard but I was feeling somewhat better.  Then, I got bored, tired of salads, craved food, real food, fast food, yummy food.  And I stopped the diet and started throwing up again.  After about 4 weeks of that, I finally talked to my OB (I know, why didn't I ask sooner, who knows...) and she put me on prevacid.  Finally after about two weeks of that, my body is finally feeling better and adjusting to the meds.  I can eat normal foods (nothing crazy still, but normal) and I am feeling good.  It took 16 weeks, but I am finally feeling better.  

Because I didn't get to gorge on awesome foods like most pregnant women, I didn't actually start showing until about 14 or 15 weeks.  And it was still small enough that I really only looked fat most of the time.  I was even able to wear most normal clothes and hide the bump pretty easily, especially if they were loose.  But I had to wear my A&M shirt on game day and it was the first time I went somewhere in public where my bump sort of showed.  I took a picture, but I know you can't even seen it well.  

Here is the bump that actually looks like a pregnant bump.  We went out on a date, for the first time in months, and I was so excited I showered, got all the way ready, and tried to look cute.  So I made Cody take a picture because I knew that me looking decent didn't happen very often.  It was a great date, too!

Everything is looking great and I'm feeling much better.  I have been working out and that is helping. My hips are already so wide that sleeping on my side at night is hard, so I'm pretty exhausted most mornings.  But I get up and go to the gym and I am so much more productive in one day than I was all summer practically.  Harper is excited, she keeps asking if the baby is already coming.  No, sweet girl, it is going to take a lot longer!  She is a great kid when I'm not feeling good and she understands that Momma is sick.  I am 100% in love with my husband for being so helpful and amazing all July and August before school started when I was down for weeks.  He did a great job of taking care of Harper, making food each day, and even stuck to my horrible diet with me when he didn't have to.  We are so excited to become a family of 4 because all this goodness just needs to be shared.  :)


  1. congratulations!! i'm so excited for you :). what a blessing!

    1. Thanks Kel! It is such a blessing! We are thrilled! Praying y'all are well and those sweet kids are doing good!