Monday, September 22, 2014

Homemade Pizza Night

My friend, MaryRuth, told us that they have homemade pizza every Saturday night as a family.  I was shocked!  But I wanted to do it too!  Harper can't have any pizza other than what we make, so I knew she would love to make it herself.  We made the pizza crust and it smelled so good while it was rising.  When it was done, we rolled it out and each got to make our own pizzas.  Harper really liked doing hers but ate half the olives and cheese before her pizza actually went in the oven.  Cody even liked doing his because he got to add lots of stuff to his that I won't eat.  It was a really good dinner, especially since we also made cheesy bread.  But it made a huge mess.  Hopefully I can make it a little better next time and continue the tradition.

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