Monday, September 22, 2014

Dance Class

Harper started dance class this semester.  She loves dancing, does it everyday, and absolutely loves it.  Her class has 15 minutes each of ballet, tap, jazz, and tumbling.  It's the perfect combination for a beginner, trying to see what she's good at.  She loves the leotard, won't dance without the skirt, which I learned the second time we went and I put her in shorts instead.  She likes the ballet shoes ok, but thinks the tap shoes are super fun.  Isn't she so stinking cute?  The parents sit out in the waiting room during class so the kids aren't distracted, so I don't know what she really does.  But I heard her teacher saying a few phrases, so when I repeated them at home, I got a few glimpses of what she is learning.  She knows how to tiptoe around like a ballerina.  She can a-shapei (?) in and out.  She can tap around in a heel/toe pattern.  And she can do a summersault.  I think she is learning a lot and she loves it.  So we are super excited!

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