Monday, September 22, 2014

All About ME Playdate

Harper is doing a new preschool curriculum at home.  It gives us a daily routine including a calendar, days of the week, the pledge, weather chart, and basic number counting.  It includes one letter a week, a number/color/shape a month, and a theme.  The theme usually includes the season/holiday during the time or something important for them to know.  This week the theme was All About ME.  They were learning about themselves, their eye/hair color, their full name, address, parents, etc.  Harper has loved preschool so far.  She likes doing it, likes the beginning of the day routine, loves the pledge and looking out the window at the weather.  She enjoys the crafts they send for each day as well as the new books.  She loves to glue and color with crayons and colored pencils.  Usually she colors completely out of the lines and in crazy, random colors. 

Since our play group changed a lot this year when 3 of the kids went to Kindergarten, we weren't sure how the younger kids would do.  So we are trying to meet on Fridays to try to have a preschool group and play group combined.  We met for the first time for our All About Me date at the church.  The kids got to read a book all about our body parts and how we are the same and different.  Then, they each drew a life size version of themselves and colored it in based on how they thought they looked.  It was so cute!  After that, they each made a homemade pizza "face."  They did great.  

These kids get along really well.  The young ones seem so much older now and will hopefully get into the preschool mode soon.  Baby Leah was out running like such a big girl - I can't believe she is so big.  So all in all, we had a great day.  We got to sit around and talk while the kids played for a bit and enjoyed a homemade pizza ourselves.  And I love the last picture of James, who probably ate an entire jar of olives by himself.  

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