Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Family Reunion

Buddy and Serena planned a family reunion of sorts this fall.  Robert's family gets together quite a bit for Sunday dinners and birthdays and such.  But we don't get to see them as often as we like.  Plus, Stacy's family has grown a lot in the last few years.  It was really nice to get every single one of us there to visit and relax and hang out.  

Because someone had to take the picture, it takes two pictures to show everyone.  Buddy took the top one, Kevin took the bottom one.  This group includes everyone from Bill and Vicki's family.  Buddy, Serena, Cody, Me, Harper, Stacy, Brent, Dusty, Amanda, Lacey, Madison, and Kayley.  Robert, Kita, Bobby, Lisa, Noah, Ava, Dakota, Brad, Becky, Sullivan, Sloan, Kelly, Kris, Julianne, Tessa, and Kevin.  

Most of the kids were girls.  Robert's grandkids are a little older and used to each other, so they all played.  Stacy's grandkids and Julianne, Tessa, and Harper all played together.  They dug around in the sand and then eventually added some water to make mud.  I didn't know about the mud until it was too late so I told Harper to enjoy the mess, since I don't allow it often.  

Bobby let Koda swim even without a swimsuit.  So when he got out, the only additional clothes were a pair of hot pink shorts from Tessa.  It took some convincing, because he was not going to wear the pink shorts.  But eventually Robert was able to get them on him since he was wearing pink too.

Buddy grilled burgers, we all brought some sides, Serena made dessert and it was a good lunch.  We all sat around and talked and ate and it was a great afternoon.  Most people left shortly after dinner because they had drives back to Dallas.  But we stayed and hung out and enjoyed the evening.  It was a great family reunion and hopefully we'll do it again next year!

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