Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Lowes Workshop

Last Saturday morning, around 9am, we had finished breakfast and were just sitting around hanging out.  Cody was watching College Gameday and I was trying to get stuff done on the computer.  After a few minutes, I figured out Harper was not going to have it.  She wanted our attention.  She did not want to play on her own.  So I told Cody we were going to have to do more, even though we didn't want to.  He reminded me about the Lowe's workshop so we quickly headed out the door.  They built these awesome binoculars and she was so happy.  She loves looking in Cody's binoculars and seeing things far away.  She helped Cody build it and did a great job.  Afterwards, we walked around and Cody looked at lawn mowers that were completely out of his price range.  We saw Buddy and then headed home.  It was nice to get out of the house and enjoy some time together.  I'm glad she made us get off our butts and enjoy the day.  P.S.  She looked so cute and then threw on this awesome hot pink, sequin headband.  And I couldn't get her to take it off because it did, in fact, match her pink converse, she showed me.  So yes, this is how we went out in public and I'm ok with it.  

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