Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Happy 2nd Birthday Reesey!

I can not believe this little girl is 2 years old.  She is so happy and smiley and always seems to be in a good mood.  Even when she is grumpy, if she gets held or a book or some milk, she is usually quickly comforted.  She is speaking a ton of words now, even thought she is still pretty shy and doesn't talk in big groups.  She loves her family and is such a kind, sweet little girl.  She hugs and gives smiles that will melt your heart.  She and Harper love talking on FaceTime and they both just smile and say each other's name, like they are just so happy to see each other.

Her birthday was on a Thursday, so we had the family party that night and she had a mermaid party that weekend.  Harper and I went down to Frisco that day and ran errands in the city.  It's nice to get a chance to go to some stores that we don't have up here.  Then, we spent the afternoon at Kristen's house, swimming and laying out in the sun.  It was a great afternoon, very relaxing.  We eventually came in and Kristen came home from work early.  We made dinner and Reesey's cake and Harper played around the house.  She was sad Grayson and Reese were still at school, but she liked playing with their toys all by herself.  Eventually, they got home from school and the rest of the family showed up.  We all sat around and talked, relaxed, and just hung out.  We had dinner, cake and ice cream, and then opened presents.  

Reese was so cute - she loved the attention.  She gets this shy face and puts her fingers in her mouth and it is so funny to see her being shy.  Because usually she is so crazy.  I think she loved that this day was her special day.  She got a new minnie mouse doll, which she loved.  She is always begging for "Min-Mou" on the iPad.  She also got a new backpack from Harper and us, and she was so happy.  She loves it and I think it's because she feels like a big kid.  

Most of the night we all just sat around and had fun.  Grayson ended up with lots of balls on their ledge above their foyer.  Brian decided tonight was the night to get them all down I assume, because he climbed up to get them.  And someone must have been nervous about him being so high, because they pulled out a mattress just in case he fell.  His birthday was two days later, so Kristen and the McCools got him a Go-Pro camera which he loved.  He also was a good sport and let me watch the A&M game all night.  It was our first game with a ton of new players and it was awesome.  Love my Ags!  At the end of the night, after baths and PJ's, we all hugged a lot and said goodbye.  Reese was sad to see everyone go and was extra lovey.  We had a blast and loved celebrating Reese Marie.  
We love you sweet Reesey!

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