Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Leaf Hunt Playdate

We had another preschool playdate this week and got to enjoy talking about Fall.  I'm not sure any of the kids really understand seasons, but they had fun anyways.  We went to Waterloo park and let the kids play on the play ground for awhile.  It was super cool in the morning and suddenly got pretty hot around 11am.  These Texas falls are hard to plan for because it changes so much.  It was still a great day.  For the fall theme, we decided to do a leaf hunt and craft project.  We hoped that being outside running around would be good for them.  

The leaf hunt was only partially successful.  Harper and James picked up a few leaves and then dropped them a few seconds later.  I don't know that many of the kids actually did their own stuff, but I guess that's why we have crafty moms there to help.  So after a bit, we let the kids glue their leaves to make a tree and they did it, albeit reluctantly. 

Afterwards, we had a quick picnic lunch and the kids perked up.  We decided to head down to the pond and let them feed the ducks.  Right as we were going down, a helicopter landed just across the way (for a fire/ems picnic they were having).  The kids were in awe!  They just watched and watched it for the longest time.  

The ducks were especially feisty that day.  They were so happy to be fed by the kids and were up in everyone's face for a good 10-15 minutes.  The kids like feeding the ducks.  Aaron chunks the bread.  Jack throws the whole piece.  And Leaf goes straight for the ducks with or without bread.  And I'm not sure how James handled it, but I know Sarah ended up having to feed the ducks as fast as possible to keep them from eating her.  

After feeding the ducks, Leah and James headed out (it was HOT).  We were headed back to the playground for just a few minutes when the helicopter pilots said we could have a closer look at the helicopter if we wanted.  So we took three excited kids over and let them play on the helicopter.  

We finally headed home, exhausted, hot, and happy.  It was a great playdate with tons of fun surprises, including the firetruck, ambulance, and helicopter.  Preschool is way more fun with friends!

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