Monday, September 22, 2014

Labor Day Lake Time

This Labor Day, my parents decided to head out to Lake Texoma for a day on the lake.  We met them at Highpoint Marina and it was packed with everyone else in the world.  We finally got out onto the lake and just cruised around for a bit.  We eventually stopped and just played int the water, let Harper swim for awhile, and messed around on the tube.  She didn't want to ride not the tube so she just swam around and had a blast.  After awhile, we just drove around and watched the sun getting ready to set.  It was such a great day.  We got out of the boat in time for dinner and the boat ramp was so full that it took Gary and Cody almost an hour to get the boat onto the trailer.  We had dinner at the Islands Restaurant and it was really good, especially after a good day of sun at the lake.  We didn't head home until 8:30 so Harper was exhausted but it was a great day!

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