Thursday, June 6, 2013

1st Half of May Photo Dump

 May has been fun and busy.  We have spent lots of time outside.  Going to parks, going for walks with the dogs, playing sidewalk chalk, and enjoying the great weather.  Harper loves to swing and slide and seriously enjoys kid watching at the playground.  She likes to watch them play and then copies all the fun things that they do that she didn't know she could do.  

Her feet touch the pedals - she's getting so big!

Naked Sidewalk Painting.

I've been shocked to realize how big Harper has gotten this month.  She is talking like crazy.  Asking questions, answering my questions, thinking about things and figuring stuff out.  It's amazing how their little minds remember so much and can figure out whatever they are wondering.  She is also taller and bigger which makes her able to do so much new stuff.  Steps and jumping are two things she has seriously mastered and loves to do.  And she loves to run after the dogs while we go for walks.  I'm thankful she still loves to be held and will still hold my hand (sometimes).  

She LOVES driving the car. 

When she runs errands with Cody, she gets to do fun stuff that I say no to.

At the dr.  She is big enough now that she doesn't sit in 
the baby weigh scale anymore.  Tear...
(This was when she had Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.  Awesome.)

Climbing stairs on her own. 

This little nugget is an independent girl.  She wants to put on her own clothes (or multiple sets or mine).  She likes to accessorize, purses, necklaces, shoes, etc.  She wants to go to school like the big girls.  She wants to feed herself.  Tell us where to sit, tell us when to potty, etc.  But she is also a sweet helper.  She likes to help me fix my hair, clean up, and help tay tay when she is crying.

Eating snack

Her new sunglasses.  She is always complaining about the "sun".  

Learning to mix and match. 

Animals are her favorite things in the world.  We spend entire car rides looking for cows and horses (hoe-sies).  She will play with dogs more than people - which is a trait she inherited from Cody.  She is a lover, always wanting to pet, feed, and water the dogs.  She feeds our three dogs every day, morning and night, giving each of them a bowl of food, and waiting patiently until they are done, picks up their bowls and instructs them to get a drink.  

Hanging out with Bentley - Kristen's dog.
Bentley hasn't had any real attention for a long time and isn't quite sure what to do with her. 

Bothering my mom's cat.  

She is definitely turning into a two year old.  She stomps her feet and whines when she is frustrated or doesn't get her way.  She is SUPER grumpy after naptime and usually just wants to cuddle mom and watch a "show".  She eats great and we have found lots of great foods that are organic and soy free that she loves - even mac and cheese.  Funny enough she is still pretty chunky.  Not sure how much longer she will keep her baby fat, but it's cute.  She also used to be a tough girl, never crying about little things or getting hurt.  But she gets hurt a lot more often now that she is running and climbing more.  But that just comes with the age.  

Sweaty and grumpy after naptime.

Chunky monkey belly hanging out.

She fell down a cement stair and scratched her leg up.

Harper is a cutie right now.  She is almost always happy and laughing and playing.  She loves living with my parents and my sisters.  She loves playing with friends and hanging out with other kids.  She loves to be tickled.  She sings songs, is learning her alphabet and numbers, and loves to sneak her paci. She is my favorite girl.  


She loves her aunties.  

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