Friday, June 28, 2013

Party and Presents Part 3

Harper got a few great presents from her family and a few friends.  Since we packed all her toys a few months ago, I know she loved every single one of them.  And this year, she totally loved opening them too.  She would grab a bag, turn it upside down and dump it out, and yell "Yay!" and clap.  She was proud.  And she is a great gift opener.  No matter what it is, she always loves it and wants to open it or wear it immediately.  

Dumping out a present and clapping for herself. 

Kara did some research and got Harper this awesome Rody Pony.  It's a rocking horse and bouncy horse in one and Harper loves it.  All the kids got turns and it was a hit.  Harper just kept saying "Ho-sie" and riding it.  

Harper hugging her friend, Alyssa to thank her for the gift.

Tessa enjoying her sucker from the pinata.

Harper hugging Julianne to say thank you for the Minnie Mouse toy. 
These girls all LOVE Minnie Mouse.

Harper and Sweet Ellie

So excited to get clothes from Ellie.  She is a fashionista for sure.  

Harper's new princess shoes from KK.  She LOVES shoes too.  
And somehow, she already knows how to walk in heels.  

Reese on her way to a nap.  Turns out this little girl had a stomach bug on Saturday and Sunday but was acting ok and no fever.  But this munchkin passed her stomach bug to 15 other people from the party.  Grayson and I got sick on Monday.  Gary, Kara and Kevin on Tuesday.  Longs, Spiegels, and Colatrianos sometime later that week.  At the end of the week, I posted to Facebook about Reese giving us the bug and suddenly everyone from the party kept posting "Us too!"  Man, what a party favor!

Us with Kevin and Kara

Since we are moving to the country, I thought Harper would love a 4wheeler.  Buddy and Serena found her one, just her size.  All she has to do is push a button and steer.  It took her a few days but she knows exactly how to drive that thing now!  

Happy Birthday Harper Elizabeth!  
You are such a joy!

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