Monday, May 20, 2013

House BEFORE Pics

 Here is our house, pre-remodel.  It FINALLY started last Monday, and I am SO thankful.  I was beginning to think it would never happen.  :)

The house was built in 1974, so it's a little different style from houses now.  But it's got fabulous character and stories and enough yard to make up for it.  The living room and dining room are back to back and both lead into the kitchen.  We are removing all walls that separate these three rooms so it will be a nice, big, open area.  Super excited about that!  The ceilings in these rooms are only 8 feet (yep, thanks 1974) so we are vaulting the ceiling as well.  We are also closing in the garage to make a playroom/game room.  We have 2 barns, so we will have room for garage stuff and we already park our cars outside, so we might as well get a little more house room.  Plus, it'll be nice to have a place for Harper to play and me to work.  The last main thing we will be doing is adding on to the master bathroom.  It's a little small (in 1974 people didn't really want big bathrooms).  It's actually smaller than the guest bathroom.  So we are adding on a walk-in shower and a closet.  Super glad about that!  Other than that, it's the basics.  Floors, Doors, Windows, Paint, etc.  We have to have a new A/C unit put in that is $$$ which stinks.  And the septic tank (really? I am in for a new lifestyle here...) is broken so we have to get that replaced.  But I am so excited for it to just get done.  I am SO ready!!!

Exterior - Front and South side (house faces the road, so we use the back door as our main entrance)

Exterior - South side and Yard

Front Door and Entryway.  Leads into LR and DR.

LR and Back Entrance Door (Off Entryway.  Leads to Kitchen and is opposite DR.)

Fireplace in LR.  

DR and Formal LR (Will become DR and extended Kitchen)

Kitchen.  Back wall will get new cabinets and appliances.

Kitchen.  This wall will be taken out to open up to the living room.  This space will become an island.  

Looking through the kitchen at the breakfast nook.  

Past the kitchen is the laundry room that leads to the garage.  
We are closing in the garage for a game room.  

On the other side of the laundry room, through the garage, is an office.  This will be off the game room and will be my sewing room/craft room/office/lock the door and maybe no one will find you room.

Back through the living room you go down the hallway to the bathrooms and bedrooms.  

1st Room is Guest Bathroom.  

1st Bedroom - Guest Bedroom (across the hall from Bath)

2nd Bedroom - Harper's Room 

Master Bedroom (across the hall from Harper's room)

Master Bedroom and Closet (if you can't see it, the closet is in the back. We are adding on because that would only hold Cody's shoe collection.  We needed something bigger.)

Master Bathroom.  (Adding on a shower and closet to make it bigger because everyone knows that sometimes you just want to take a 4 hour shower and relax after a bad day.)

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