Thursday, June 13, 2013

Progress on the House

The house is started and seriously underway.  No turning back now!  The main demo is done.  The walls are out of the living room/dining room/kitchen.  The ceiling has been taken out and vaulted.  The master bath add on has been framed and roofed.  The garage has been closed in.  Most of the floor has been ripped up and old sheetrock taken out.  It looks horrible, but that is a good thing!

Entryway - had this awesome faux rock linoleum under the carpet.  Keeper?

Walls and ceiling down to the studs.

Ceiling vaulted with new beams

Empty kitchen - discovered the kitchen has 3 layers of linoleum.  Sweet!

Estimated kitchen layout

Garage getting closed in.

Master bath torn out.

New master bath addition framed.  

New windows - they are so bright!

We have a huge pear tree and a huge pecan tree.  If you get 
a pecan pear tartlet from me for Christmas, that is why.  

How you water your lawn in the country...
4 hoses hooked up and dragged 100 yards.  

Cody putting Nana's old mailbox back up so we can finally get mail.


Harper has been such a trooper!  She rides 3 hours round trip every week and has to be good, play outside, and do adult stuff every time we are up there.  She's such a sweet little girl!

It's the middle of June, when we were supposed to be in.  I am shooting for beginning of July.  I honestly am scared that won't happen.  But I'm trusting that it will be perfect none the less!

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