Thursday, June 13, 2013

Grayson's 3rd Birthday

We celebrated Grayson's 3rd birthday with family on his birthday weekend.  He is seriously into baseball right now so everything circled around that theme.  He even got blue Texas Rangers cupcakes to take to school on Friday.  He is still shy in groups, so he didn't love everyone staring at him while he blew out the candles or opened presents.  But he still had a blast and got some cool stuff.  Our family friends, The Lulfs, came because they were in town from Austin.  It was so great to see them and catch up, especially with Erin since she is in college now.  We had a great time visiting and celebrating Grayson.  I can't believe he is three.  He is so big!

Such a great family picture - and both kids were looking at the camera! 
Erin, Reese and Kristen. We used to babysit Erin starting when she was Reese's age. She was the easiest baby! And now she's all grown up and about to be a Junior in college!
Pop and Grayson looking at all his presents. 
Taylor, Carleigh and Grayson
Harper's grumpy face!
Harper and Mimi
We started singing to Grayson and he got embarrassed and ducked below the table.

And he stood looking at the candles forever refusing to blow them out.
Think he's going to do it - but he didn't. We finally took the plate back to the kitchen and gave up on him blowing out his candles.
We tried to get him to open presents but he was yelling "No!" and so we just kind of left him be for a moment. And everyone's standing around waiting on him and finally we just opened a present for him and he saw that it was Buzz Lightyear (from Tim and Tina) and he was so excited!

His next present was from Brian and Kristen and he said, "Just what I was always asking for - a catcher's mitt. And a REAL baseball!" He was so excited! And then he didn't really want to open presents anymore because he wanted to go outside and play baseball. We convinced him to open a few more by telling him it was more baseball stuff.
Tons of Rangers stuff.  He was so excited!  
He left all of the rest of the presents inside and we went out to play. 
Playing baseball with Mark and Tim. 
Kristen, Erin and AJ
Mimi and Pop had to go home and Grayson told her he would open her present later.
Watching the Rangers
This kid loves to be naked. I'm not even sure why he took all his clothes off, but he then wanted to play baseball naked.
He kept asking Mark, "Can you put your beer down and play baseball with me" and making Mark wear one of his hats.

KK, Reese, Mark and Grayson
At the end of the day he finally opened Pop and Mimi's present. It was so hysterical he said, "Oh my gosh, it's a Scooter! I always wanted one! I just can't believe it!" 
Happy 3rd Birthday Grayson - love you!

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