Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Mother's Day

This Mother's Day was very laid back.  We celebrated with the Hempkins' on Saturday while we were up in Denison.  We spent the morning taking pictures of Harper for her birthday and her yearly bluebonnet pics.  She is a little too active so it didn't go super smooth.  Then, Cody spent the afternoon planting new trees at our house while I moved more stuff out of the house.  We made dinner and headed home.  
Sunday morning we went to church and out to brunch as a family.  Cody wanted to take me to Patrizios for lunch but I surprised him with a dinner date at Patrizios that Friday night so we didn't repeat.  Then we spent some time playing outside and walking to the pond.  It was a truly great morning.  That afternoon, Cody and Harper made me a card and we all took a long nap.  
That evening we went to Kristen's house and celebrated together with Kristi.  Dad picked up Taco Cabana (yum!) and we all just sat around and talked and played with the kids.  Harper loves to play at Grayson's house because he has a train table, a baby sister, and a dog.  All her favorite things!  We had dinner, baths, attempted photos (yeah right!), and headed home.
Reese, Taylor and Carleigh

LOVE these two (Grayson almost 3 and Harper almost 2)

Cody and Reese who won't sit still anymore

We didn't get any better results from a cousins picture.

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