Saturday, June 15, 2013

Visiting Nikki and the great town of Midland, TX

My sweet friend Nikki and I try to visit each other once or twice a year.  I get lucky because they come to Dallas with their church youth group for camp and stuff a few times a year.  So, since we are about to move farther north, it seemed like now was a good time to visit.  We went Friday night to Sunday night so it was quick but we got tons of girl time and that made it worth every minute.  

My "vacation feet" picture.  Most get to take their with their feet in the sand and the ocean in the background.  I got airport carpet with a toddler up ahead but I'll take it.  

I was excited for Harper to go and fly on an airplane.  She has been on 6 plane trips before but this would be the time that she knows what an airplane is and can really enjoy it.  She was SO excited.  Since we were delayed (of course), she got to watch a few planes come and go.  The big window was a fantastic feature for toddlers.  

On the way there, the plane was fairly empty and we each got our own seat.  She kept looking out the windows, opening and closing the shutters, and buckling and unbuckling her seatbelt.  She did a fairly good job of playing, watching movies, and sitting quietly.  I got to read a book and relax just a little so the flight went quickly.

We pretty much hung out around the house and just talked the whole weekend.  Nikki is my friend that is most like me, plus we have husbands that are similar as well.  So it's nice to talk and share our lives and give each other advice or laugh at what's been going on.  I always feel more normal when she understands me.  

Saturday morning we took a picture to send to Cody and at the last minute the flash shocked
our eyes.  Sweet girl did great sleeping in my room.  

Nikki's 2 dogs, Bonzai and Kiko, are these furry, fluffy, sweet dogs that are the perfect size for Harper. She loved playing with them all weekend.  She literally played with them and never got bored the whole time we were there.  

Bonzai is a little more chill and would just relax while Harper petted him.  

Kiko is a lovable spaz who loved playing with Harper but also got the most annoyed by Harper.  She also ate a toy car, a tupperware, and socks that Harper left on the ground.  

Church Sunday and naps for everyone in the afternoon.  Todd was busy a lot of the weekend so we didn't see him as much, but it was truly a relaxing weekend for us.  We got to try paleo pancakes and chocolate chip cookies.  They were a little different but still good.  Plus, some new Sweet Potato Chips.  Harper of course absolutely loved all the new food.  

The way home the flight was full so she had to sit on my lap.  She also didn't want to watch a movie, she wanted to crawl all over the place.  In doing so, she knocked my dinner all over the ground.  Plus, I was also not feeling well because the flight was a bit bumpy, so the short flight was horrible!  But thankfully Aunt Nik packed Harper an extra bag of sweet potato chips and that kept her happy.  

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