Friday, June 7, 2013

2nd Half of May Photo Dump

This is how our lives have evolved over the past few weeks.  I am now married to Cody, Carleigh and Taylor.  Harper has a me, Mimi, Taylor and Carleigh to entertain her at all times, and Pop especially always right at bedtime.  We sit and watch tv, do homework, play on the computer, make fun of anyone not in the room, or make Harper say funny things.  It's almost like being back in college with tons of roomates!  And Taylor takes hundreds of pictures all the time so I now have a daily pictorial diary of my days here in Argyle.  

All four of us, hanging out on the couch.  They are such weirdos. 

Taylor jumped off the couch one night at 9pm and started making cookies.  Halfway through she didn't want to do it alone so we got stuck helping.  But they were good!  

Nature Girls and their nature sprout.

Afterschool Harper can't wait for Taylor and Carleigh to get home.  I can't either, because it means she gets entertained and I get a small break!

I never bought playdoh because I kept telling myself I would make my own (another pinterest fail).  I got really desperate one day for an activity and found some.  She LOVES it!  And she doesn't mix colors - so proud!  She has gotten it taken away twice though because she wouldn't stop eating it.  Oh well, she seems fine.  

She found a dead bug and wanted to observe it.  She is very into bugs right now.  She likes to stop and look at them and talk to them.  She always asks to "have it" and then when I put it in her hand, she drops it immediately.  

The day before the AP World History test, Cody (the World History teacher) and Taylor studied.  It was so cute to see him going all teacher on her.  

Carleigh's Orchestra concert.  She plays viola.  They were so good!

During church home group, we let the kids run wild and try to keep an eye on them while we talk.  Last Sunday, I looked out and she was playing with Lexi but on top of the water table.  She is very into climbing and sitting on top of things these days.  

We love DD.  We are going through Duck Dynasty withdrawals.
The other day at Walmart, Harper called Willie "Dada".  She must miss Cody's beard!

Harper sat through big church!  Her class was full so we climbed to the top corner of church.  Cody downloaded a MMC video and gave her my earplugs.  She did pretty good!

Taking our nightly walk with all three dogs.  We make the aunties do dishes or go on a walk with us.  It's usually a toss up...

Maggie is SO much better behaved now that she lives with two other dogs.  She must have been lonely and needed to bark all the time to get all her talking out.  She has even started swimming in the pond (she usually hates water).  

This type of picture is taken at least 5 times a day.  
But aren't they cute?

Harper found an old baby chair of my parents.  She played with it everyday for weeks.

New books from Aunt Kelly!

Bible Study sleepover at the old house.  A game of Manhunt, 10 Things I Hate About You (classic!), pizza and donuts!  We had a great time and I realized that 30 is too old to sleep on the floor.  

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