Monday, January 7, 2013

Thanksgiving with the Piersall's

On Friday morning, we went Black Friday shopping around Highland Village.  We got a few gifts for family members but no real big deals.  Then, Harper and I went over to Kristen's to continue the shopping.  We got back to her house at noon and started cooking while the kids napped.  The family came over for Thanksgiving dinner. Eric and Dane have been really busy getting thier fourth bus up and running so they hadn't even met Reese yet.

Eric and Reese

Dane and Reese

Earlier that morning I had told Grayson I had a present for him and Cody would be bringing it later. Really I bought him a Christmas present but am the worst at actually waiting to give people their presents. At dinner he asked where his present was and then I found out that Cody had cleaned out the car. So I quietly and quickly went to Kristen and asked her to please, HELP. She had just bought him a Doctor's kit as a Christmas present that day so we let him open that as his Thanksgiving present. All so I can be the best Aunt ever! But now we've started a new tradition - gifts on Thanksgiving! 

Giving hugs.

Cody and Reese

Grayson got a new chair and let Harper have his spiderman chair.

Grayson teaching Dane how to spell.

Erin, Eric and Reese

Attempt at getting a family picture. Need to change strategy - and switch kids...


Family picture Thanksgiving 2012

Harper getting caught by Mark trying to go up the stairs for the millionth time

Me and Kristen

KK and Reese

Several years ago Dane thought it would be funny to stick his finger in my homeade pie. Turns out it wasn't that funny.  I got mad and left Thanksgiving for a while. This year, I had a little better sense of humor. Eric held me down while Dane ran in the kitchen and desecrated my pie.

Then Dane got Grayson to join in the Thanksgiving tradition (which he thought was so funny and was thrilled to participate).

Eric and Grayson wrestling.
All in all, a great thanksgiving.  And I think, no yelling. 

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