Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Our Christmas Season

We have been extremely anxious for Christmas this year.  We decorated big time and even put up outside lights on the house.  Harper loved every Santa she saw, which meant we slowed down while driving home quite a bit.  And we always got a big "Wow" when we turned on the Christmas tree lights.

Harper loved carrying around the 2 foot Santa and Snowman we have.  She got Mickey and Minnie Mouse stuffed animals dressed as Santa that have quickly become daily favorites.  And she loved wearing her Santa PJ's so she could point to Santa on her shirt.  She did great with the tree, only taking a few ornaments off and only breaking one.  Not bad for a 1 1/2 year old, I think.

Cody and I loved getting to see her learn all about Christmas this year.  We took her to Santa, twice.  The first time they asked me to sit with her because she wasn't quite sure about Santa (no thanks) and the second time she sat with him but looked on the verge of tears.  In the end, she was super happy to meet Santa both times (while securely clutching our hands).  Everywhere we went, it was "Dan-ta?"

We looked at lights one night, letting her sit up in the front with us.  A house near us has lights set to music and she loved dancing along.  We made Kara's aunt's toffee (took two rounds to get it right, but it turned out good) and spent a day delivering goodies to friends.  We shopped like crazy and we enjoyed Christmas.  But this year, we took time to really celebrate the real meaning of Christmas.  We talked about Jesus being born, in the manger.  We sang Christmas carols and prayed that we would be changed by the thought of Jesus coming to Earth, to save us from our sins.  And we held a birthday party for Jesus on Christmas morning.  We had birthday breakfast "cupcakes" (pancake muffins), read Isaiah 9 and Luke 2, and we celebrated the 1st advent (coming) of our King.

On Christmas morning, we read all these posts about people staying up until all hours of the night "getting ready for Christmas".  We were shocked and wondered what in the world all these parents were doing...  Christmas morning, Harper opened her gift and we suddenly realized what those parents were doing.  Putting together the 100 parts of their childs' gift so they could play with it.  Boo rookie parents.  So the day after Christmas, we put her present together and had a great day playing with all our stuff.  

Excited about her new gift

Playing in the box

All the pieces


New tent with daddy

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