Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Eve with the Hempkins'

We left my Aunt Lissa's at 2pm on Christmas Eve and headed over to Bent Tree for the Christmas Eve service. This really is my very favorite part of all of the Christmas holidays. The service is so peaceful.  And no matter what is going on with Christmas schedules, this one of the things that is a nonnegotiable for us.

Sweet Reese slept through most of the service.
McCools and Hempkins

Hempkins with Serena and Buddy

McCools with Kathy and David

Excited to see if Santa will come tonight!

After church, we went to our house and made dinner.  We had a honey baked ham and it was SO good.  We opened presents, and then did the regular bath and bed routine.  The Hempkins' stayed for awhile but had to drive home that night.  

Learning to unwrap presents

Her new Veggie Tales bath toy

Helping mama unwrap

Jumping and dancing with Buddy

Sitting with Serena

Off to bed so Santa can visit for Christmas morning!

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