Tuesday, January 22, 2013

NYE 2012

New Years Eve we went to my parents house in Argyle.  They were babysitting Grayson and Reese so we all hung out and and let the kids run around like crazy.  Harper decided the New Years Eve was the night to dress up, so she got on her party best and accessorized accordingly.

The wooden tricycle is a favorite at my parents house.  Harper and Grayson took turns driving and riding in the back.  

Reese was a little lame this year, she just wanted to sleep and missed most of the action.

After bath time, we celebrated New Years (it was about 7:30pm).  They donned their sunglasses and mardi gras beads and we partied like it was 1999.  The fam decided they are going to start teaching these kiddos big words early.  So all night long, they would say "Grayson, that's illogical."  He would repeat, in his amazing way that he says L's like Y's, "That's iyogical."  He's just the cutest.  

This sweet girl went straight to bed at 7:30.  However...  when we woke her up to go home, she decided to stay awake the whole drive and for about 2 hours after that.  How does this child not transfer?  

We then played Telestrations, which is my dad's new game.  It's a combination of telephone and pictionary.  A few words turned pretty funny.  Like Dad's pigeon that Cody changed to chicken butt that Taylor changed to something much worse.  Taylor didn't care how the game went and threw some sort of drug reference in all of hers.  And Carleigh was mad because someone had ruined one of hers so she set out to ruin others.  I was just bad at the game, and kept messing everyone else's up - I'm a horrible artist!  A great dinner, chocolate fondue, and a fabulous night and now it's 2013.  

Happy New Year's!

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