Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas Morning with the Piersall's

The plan this year was for our family to stay at Kristen's all day. My Mom, Mark and brothers would go to Kristen's and do presents and lunch and then my Dad, Kristi and the girls would come over for presents and dinner. It meant that we didn't have to pack up to go to two houses and feel chaotic all day. It ended up being really nice because it snowed and the roads were pretty bad. But this day was a little overwhelming with all the presents, toys and wrapping paper everywhere. Instead of going to a house that was clean and had food cooked, we ended up being the hosts' all day and it was a little exhausting.

It was a great morning though.  The boys were up and at Krissy's by 10:30, which was very good, but Eric was mad at Kristen because she forgot his orange juice.  Grayson accidentally ran over Harper with his bike, but she got over it pretty quick.  The kids ran around like crazy and the adults began opening the mess of gifts.  It was a  busy 2 hours.

Grayson getting ready to freak out that Harper was on his new bike.
He rode around in circles in the house and Harper just kept chasing him.
Distracting both of them with Happy Birthday Jesus hats and noise blowers.
Wearing matching Santa PJ's.

Cody and Reese

Helping daddy open gifts

Harper playing with Grayson's pop up toy

Grayson showing Eric his short bus and asking him if he can have a ride in Uncle E's school bus.

Every year my mom puts candy and toothpaste in our stockings.
Just another one of those weird traditions.

Looking at Eric's new stuff

Grayson and his favorite Aunt AJ

I made Grayson a Superman cape - so cute!

Eric always gets one really corny gift from my mom. Last year he got a KU yard gnome.
This year he got a "You are special today" plate. 

Harper got dress up clothes from Krissy.

My favorite gift - Kristen made my blog into a book!
I was overwhelmed with years to do so she got it all organized and looking pretty!
I'm so excited to get it printed!

Realizing that some of this stuff was for her.

Getting caught opening up other people's gifts

This is what Christmas chaos looks like.

Grandma Ruth, Mark, Grayson

Grayson's new train table from KK and Mark
Dane and Reese

The toddlers were down for thier nap and we layed around on the couch relaxing before the next Christmas! 

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