Monday, January 7, 2013

Thanksgiving with Klusman's

On Saturday we headed over to my Dad and Kristi's to do Thanksgiving #3. Thankfully it was BBQ not more turkey! It was a little cooler out but we got to play outside a little. It was nice and relaxing and we got to spend more time with the brothers. I've decided I definitely like doing multiple family gatherings on different days. We're not rushed to leave one house and go to another. I actually get to sit down and enjoy everyone.

Haper playing bean bags

Reese and Taylor

Pop, Mimi and Reese. She literally just started crying

My dad brought out this huge butcher paper for Grayson to color on.


I swear he was having fun - I just didn't get a great photo. He also has marker above his lip which makes him look a little weird too! He wasn't really laughing and smiling a whole lot that night and was pretty subdued compared to the night before. I had a feeling he was getting sick but it was only when we got home that we realized he was running a fever. Poor buddy.

Happer took the baby Jesus doll put him in Reese's car seat and was covering him up with his swaddling clothes.

Harper and Taylor

Brian and Reese

Grayson sitting (and jumping) on Carleigh

Eric and Erin

Taylor and Carleigh bought Reese this really cute hat!

Eric and Krissy

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