Tuesday, January 8, 2013

No Shave November

This month has been super busy and fun.  It's been cold in the morning, warmer in the afternoon.  We have spent full days inside and days spending hours running errands.  Every day seems different and it's fun to find new things to do.

Harper is doing great.  She is running everywhere.  She falls alot, but she doesn't seem to care.  She would always rather be outside.  She loves pushing things around the house, including laundry baskets full of random things she picks up from around the house.

One day while I was doing laundry, I opened the dryer and she climbed 
in faster than I could catch her.  She sat in there for almost 30 minutes just 
hanging out and talking to herself.  

Riding daddy's lawn mower
Her new thing is being adventurous.  Climbing on chairs, benches, toy boxes.  Standing on tupperware.  Jumping off stairs and the fireplace.  She has managed an obstacle course in her room from climbing on her toy chest to diving headfirst into her rocking chair.  She gets tons of bruises to prove her risky business but she seems pretty tough.

She loves finding fun places to sit.

Playing ball with Maggie - with lemons 

I was baking the other day and somehow "lost" a stick of butter.  A week
later, I found this stick of butter in Harper's drawer.

Her new trick is jumping.  She squats real low, and pushes off as hard as she can, using her arms as wings to get her higher in the air.  She rarely gets off the ground, but she seems to think she can fly, she's so proud.  She has also really gotten in to leading people where she wants them to go.  She will grab your hand or push your legs.  It's pretty cute to see how much she wants you to go with her somewhere.  You feel pretty special.

Having snack with Avinley one afternoon

Getting caught jumping on Quinlan's bed

Playing with Grayson

She has been talking like crazy.  We took her pacifier away right after Thanksgiving and she didn't seem to mind.  She was a little fussy for a few days when she wanted it, but she is good about leaving it in her crib after she wakes up.  Since then though, she just doesn't stop talking.  Babbling, words, sounds, grunts, every noise she can think of.  Her favorite word is "nononononunununu".  It always means something different, but it's her go to word/noise.  She says "go go" with fist held high in the air.  Somehow I think I have a little road rage that contributed to this, but there's no real proof.  She's also eating really well.  She wants anything in sight, or anything on your plate.

Mommy/Daughter Lunch date at Jason's Deli

Using a spoon really well these days

Ok, ignore the naked shot.  But do you SEE that BELLY?  
Good gravy.  This kid can put it away.

Cody stopped shaving late in October and his beard has grown, um, alot.  People don't realize how fast his hair grows!  He is actually starting to look like a Robertson now (DD reference) and I have learned to live with it.

Eating dinner outside at Sonic

We noticed a few times that Harper would get a rash on her face while eating and finally pinpointed the problem - ketchup!  We went to the allergist and got tested and sweet baby girl is allergic to tomatoes.  It seems like it wouldn't be a big deal.  However, this means no pizza, no salsa, no pasta sauce, no soups/chilis, no ketchup!  Tomatoes are in tons of foods, most mexican and italian foods, and to be honest - there are no similar foods to substitute in.  It's ok for now, since she really doesn't know what she's missing.  Hopefully, when she gets older she will be ok and for now, we just pray for health and happiness. 

Sitting patiently, not moving, for 15 minutes while the nurse pricked her arms.

Her allergic reaction to the tomato and ketchup

I have been super busy this month.  I have been sewing like crazy making Christmas gifts for customers.  I have also started doing a few things that I have always wanted to try.  I made a slipcover for a chair I bought Harper so it matches our living room.  Not perfect, but definitely good enough.  And I made laundry detergent - seriously.  Crazy but it cost like $2 for like 3 months.   And with all the holidays I have been cleaning a ton, which is fun because Harper actually wants to clean with me.  She's her mama's girl!

Harper's new chair 


Cooking soap and washing powder making detergent

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  1. I feel you on the tomato allergy problem. I've developed a mild allergy to raw onions and they are in EVERYTHING! So annoying!