Saturday, December 5, 2015

Showering the Bride!

Kara and Kevin's wedding is coming up so the wedding festivities are starting.  Kevin had a boys weekend at a lakehouse in October, but I didn't get any pictures or stories from that one, obviously.  Then, both had bachelor and bachelorette parties in November in Austin.  Since Cody already went to one, I got to go to Kara's and he stayed home and watched the girls.  It was my first weekend away pretty much ever and my first time away from Paige.  As crazy as it sounds, it was still so hard!  I cried on the way down and almost wished I hadn't gone.  But it was a great weekend and so good for me.  Cody and the girls had a great weekend.  They played and went shopping at Academy and were perfectly fine.  The sad part is I am pretty sure I got way less sleep than if I'd stayed home, which was one of the few things I was seriously looking forward to.  But it was worth it!  Cheers to Kevin and Kara!

I left Friday after Cody got home from school and tried to get through Dallas traffic as quickly as possible.  I made it to Georgetown and met the girls at dinner.  We sat and chatted and got to know each other.  The best part of the weekend was getting to know the other bridesmaids and meeting all the wonderful people that are in Kara's life.  After dinner, we headed back to Kara's parents' house to have her lingerie shower.  That was one of the funniest showers I had been to.  Kara, so sweet, loved every piece, from simple and traditional to crazy and scandalous.  It was the best time just laughing and celebrating the bride to be.  

After the shower, we all found beds and got into pjs.  I've missed bedtime and bedtalk with my roomies and I'm lucky I got to have one more night.  Even if it was stinky from dogs.  We got up around 8 am, which was still early since we went to bed after 1am.  But we had plans!  We had coffee and breakfast tacos and got ready for a scavenger hunt in Austin.  It was drizzley and cool but we were still super excited!  Our first stop was Top Golf, which is one of Kevin's favorite places.  We all chatted and traded places hitting balls.  A few girls were good and the rest of us just enjoyed hitting it off the tee.  I finally hit a few towards the end and ended up liking it way more than I thought.  I sent this picture to Cody and he, nicely, let me know that my grip was off.  Good thing he's a good teacher.

After that, we headed to this adorable, hole in the wall, Italian restaurant off Congress (Kevin's favorite food).  It was super good and I ate way more than I ever do for lunch.  I honestly don't even know how long we sat there, but we just ate and drank coffees and talked for the afternoon.  As we were leaving I saw that one of the Short Buses was parked right across the street.  Neither of my brothers was actually working, but I couldn't help but go and say hi.  Miss and love them and so proud of them.  Plus, they are catering lunch for the bridal party on the wedding day.  The last stop of the scavenger hunt was going to an outdoor bar and patio to watch a bit of the UT game.  Kara's surprise waiting there for her was Kevin with his bachelor party.  So we got to meet the groomsmen and get to know a few of Kevin's friends.  Some of the opposite parties hadn't met Kara or Kevin, so it was a good time for everyone to meet and get to know each other.  We had a beer, watched some good football and then headed back to Georgetown for dinner. 

I left for home that night and made it in good time.  I even stopped and picked up kolaches for everyone because it's just a must.  It was a fabulous weekend and I loved getting to celebrate Kara!

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