Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015

Thanksgiving this year was looking kind of bleak at first.  The Shattuck family wasn't getting together.  The Polley's had a ton going on...a new baby for Mark, Brian just getting home from England, Scott still gone in Qatar, and Keith getting home.  I think Papa Bob was floating down the Amazon River (I know - crazy!).  So we decided to do Dad's and Hempkins'.  Then, the boys decided not to come and we were a little sad.  But it ended up being a great day and we had a really good day just being with family.  

We put the girls in the car during Paige's morning nap and headed to Argyle.  We spent the first half of the day with them just sitting around and talking.  Taylor was home from school and doing great.  Carleigh was happy to be not busy with senior year and work.  Maxine and Bob were in from Kansas.  And the cousins love spending time together.  I'm not sure how we passed 5 hours, but it went quickly.  Lunch was delicious and it was nice to sit at the table afterwards and pretend like the kids and the dishes weren't really there.  After Paige's nap time, we headed back home to have dinner with the Hempkins.  It was another really yummy dinner (I seriously don't mind eating Thanksgiving food twice in one day!)  Afterwards, we brought the girls home to bathe and go to bed and then had dessert over here.  It was nice to sit and chat, which we don't normally have time to do.  I can't believe Thanksgiving has come and gone.  November went by in a flash and now it's almost Christmas!

That weekend, we headed back to Kristen's to celebrate Thanksgiving with KK and Mark.  The kids just played all evening and wrestled with Mark.  The guys fed babies and watched football.  The girls talked Christmas and kid presents.  It was a nice relaxing evening.

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