Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Aggie Game

We had been talking about going to an A&M game this year since the stadium just got rebuilt.  We picked a game that was not a big opponent and towards the end of the schedule.  We usually can get cheap or decent seats by that time.  But after going camping a few weekends and working on the house, we were kind of tired being gone and busy.  But on Friday afternoon, Cody came home from school and spontaneously wanted to go.  We bought tickets online and got his parents to babysit.  We left at noon the next day and drove straight down.  We got there at 4, just in time to stop by some tailgates.  We visited with Gabe and Megan at the TexAgs tailgate and got to meet Everley for the first time.  Then we stopped by a tailgate with Kari and Joe Piazza.  We love that Joe went to A&M too so that Cody and he have tons in common.  Plus, now we get to hang out more often!  We went to the game and sadly, had horrible seats.  Of course Joe and Kari got seats at the 50 yard line, 5th row up.  We were at the top of the third deck on the end of the end zone.  We thought we would be able to trade up, but it ended up being a pretty full game.  We played a non-threatening team but we almost didn't win because we didn't play our best.  Either way, we won in the end and the stadium was beautiful.  I'm glad we went because we got some good alone time and to enjoy another day in College Station.  Cody drove home until 2am and I slept and then I got up with the girls at 6am.  It was a crazy day but it was worth it!

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