Tuesday, December 15, 2015

November Days

November has been a fun month.  Paige has grown a lot - she is playing with Harper and even by herself now.  She is all over the place but loving every minute of it.  Harper is still her crazy, awesome self.  She is slowly getting better about the terrible fours.  We are learning to distinguish between things that truly need crying/screaming/drama and things that do not.  Paige is a little daredevil.  She doesn't seem to learn from any of her mistakes or falls.  She got a new play house from the Haddock's and she likes to push buttons and walk around it.  I love seeing how much she's grown.

We hit a new routine.  Paige takes a bath now at like 6pm and she loves playing for a long time.  She kisses her dolls, she tries to drink the water, and she spends most of the time standing at the tub wall smacking her hands up and down.  After Paige's bath, Harper gets in and takes a shower, by herself.  She is getting so big and self sufficient.  She loves to sit in the shower and let it rain down on her.  Sometimes she just lays on the bottom of the tub until the water goes cold.  We tried to shower the girls together, but seriously holding a wet baby is a dumb idea.  So they play in the mornings in the bathroom while we get ready.  Paige crawls around and Harper follows her trying to keep her entertained.  The most chosen toy is my curlers or under my sink.  (And again with the mold in the toys.  Goodbye doll, sorry that Harper saw us dismantle you.)

We still go to Dallas on Thursdays to get Harper's allergy shots.  She is doing really well and seems to be feeling so much better.  She still hates the shots, but she takes them like a champ.  We have spent some good time in Dallas.  We visited some good friends and ran errands.  We got to see my friend, Michelle, from high school after years.  It was so fun!  She has two girls also, so her house was a princess goldmine.  She also sells LuLaRoe and gave Harper dress and me some leggings.  Both are made of the softest material in the world.  We both love them but Harper loves that hers looks just like Elsa colors.  We also tried Panda Express one day, since she now is allowed to have soy.  I was so excited for her to eat some Orange Chicken, but she didn't even like it (sadly, I had to eat it.)  We got to visit with Longs and Largents as well as my family.  So although it's been rough driving every week and being gone a whole day, it's been fun.

Cody has been hard at work this month.  He has cleaned out his barns.  He has built a new fire pit (and learned to weld).  He has smoked meats (ribs - so good!).  He has played with the girls outside (I'm just not a fan of the cold).  The girls have been playing so well together, especially as Paige is getting big enough to play with her.  I love their crazy trampoline hair.  It's the best. 


Food and this girl.  She is picky sometimes.  She loves her fruit though.  And she is not a clean eater. Almost worse than Harper, but I guess that will be determined later.  This kid isn't a huge food thrower, but she will definitely throw things when she's done.  I try to only give her the really messy stuff at dinner so she can go straight to the bath afterwards.  But she's so happy to eat, so how can I say no.

Tuesdays and Wednesdays we are at BSF.  Thursdays or Fridays we are in Dallas.  So Mondays or opposite Thursdays/Fridays we spend with friends.  We got to go to the library with Haddocks for their Thanksgiving celebration.  The girls got to play with pumpkin playdoh, make a turkey handprint, and eat a turkey cookie.  It was Harper's first oreo and she loved it.  Harper loves playing with Presley because she gets to be in charge and Presley doesn't mind.    

Sleep has been evading the littlest Hempkins.  She doesn't even seem to mind much.  But she probably gets the least amount of sleep out of all four of us.  She wakes up sometime in the 5:00 hour.  I let her stay in her crib as long as she isn't crying and then go get her.  Somehow she seems so happy to see me even at such crazy hours.  We did enjoy the Thanksgiving break to just hang out and have some good family time.  We had breakfast one morning and went shopping.  We hung out at the house and cleaned up outside.  This kid doesn't stop so the no sleep doesn't affect her much.  But she does go to sleep around sundown, which makes for an early night.

These two have gotten even closer this month.  They play well together.  Except for me trying to teach Harper that Paige wants a sister, not a second mother.  But so for Paige doesn't hold her bossiness against her.  Harper likes to read and Paige likes to pull books off the shelves.  It works for both of them.  

Birthday dinner at Logan's Roadhouse!  Both girls first time to try rolls (without butter those crazy girls!).  It was fun and everyone around us enjoyed watching Paige laugh at everything around her.

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