Sunday, November 22, 2015

Halloween 2015

Halloween kind of snuck up on us this year.  I'm not a huge halloween fan anyways.  But I didn't even do any real costumes this time.  I have made Harper's from scratch every year since she was born, and I didn't make Paige's for her first one.  Terrible mom!  This year, my mom had just recently bought Harper a Denison Yellow Jacket cheerleader outfit.  It seemed like an easy costume, so we borrowed Reagan Haddock's bumblebee costume from when she was a baby and Paige went as the Denison Yellow Jacket mascot.  She loved being a cheerleader.  She learned a cheer from when Reagan went to cheer camp and she would shout it and do a jump afterwards.  She was so happy!  She kept telling me she was the cutest "cheerleader."  We also totally missed the pumpkin patch so she didn't even get her picture with any pumpkins.  Boo.  Thankfully we fit it all in on one weekend this year and it turned out to be super fun.  The Saturday of Halloween, we finally got to carve and paint the pumpkins I had bought two weeks earlier.  She wanted to do both, so Cody helped her carve them and she painted them.  She spent an hour just sitting quietly doing her pumpkins so I think she enjoyed them.

Halloween morning we were supposed to have our family pictures but they got cancelled due to rain. So instead, the Haddock's invited a group over to have dinner and trick or treat in their neighborhood.  It's the only really good neighborhood in most of Denison.  So we headed over after nap time and the girls all got to play for a bit.  The Spiegel's, Helm's, and Piazza's all came over as well.  We had dinner and headed out just as the sun was setting.  The kids were insane.  They ran up and down the streets, all over the houses, and back and forth.  They didn't even stop to catch their breath.  They had the best time.  Harper was crazy happy that she got to eat candy.  I honestly have no idea how many pieces she actually ate because I couldn't even keep track of her.  After we made our way around their neighborhood, we stopped at the Spiegel's for a bathroom break.  It ended up being our stop for the night.  We all just sat around and chatted and the kids played and handed out candy.  Since it was daylight savings the next day, we decided to stay out an hour later than normal and see if the girls would sleep later and thus regulate themselves quickly.  So at around 8:30 we headed home with a super tired baby and a crazy 4 year old.  

The next morning, Harper was still on a candy high from the night before.  She had slept with her treasure box full of candy next to her pillow.  She just kept smelling the candy and telling me, "Mama, smell!  Chocolate..."  Haha!  It was awesome.  We let her have some candy each day, but she cried because we wouldn't let her have some in the mornings for breakfast.

The next day, we went to the Georgetown Baptist Church Fall Festival.  It had been postponed due to rain the weekend before.  It was still raining this weekend but it quit just in time for us to go and have fun.  We met the Haddock's there but everyone else stayed home in the warmth.  It was still fun even though it was drizzling.  She did a ton of games and won candy.  She got her face painted.  She climbed the rock wall (about 2 feet and then quit).  She slid down the big bounce house slide.  She got to ride the pony cart.  And she got to ride the ship (roller coaster type).  She loved everything but wished that she had ridden the ship about 100 times.  It was a great night and a perfect end to Halloween.

A few days after Halloween, I made it back to the playroom and found a weird trail of slime.  I guess I hadn't been back there in a few days because we had been so busy.  Both pumpkins had a ton mold growing throughout them and one had shrunk in half.  They were disgusting!  Harper didn't seem to think so, because she was so sad that I threw them out.

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