Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Paige the Destroyer

This kid.  I'm not sure if we just don't remember Harper being like this, or if we are right and Paige is just worse.  She gets into absolutely everything.  And without fail, every thing that can fit will automatically go in her mouth.  She eats tons of paper, bits and crumbs off the ground, remotes, phones, cords, toys, etc.  She loves to be mischievous.  She likes to crawl in the dishwasher.  She likes to throw everything out of her drawer.  She likes to pull all the clothes out of the dresser.  She is always walking around and trying to find a mess to make.  We love this crazy mess of a girl.  And I'm sure it makes us look like bad parents, but letting her chew on this sweet potato and pretend to drink this beer kept her happy long enough for us to make dinner.  So we let it be.  Whatever it takes!

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