Sunday, December 27, 2015

10 months old!

Paige is 10 months, almost a year, so big...I just can't handle it.  She has changed so much in the last month.  She must have hit a growth spurt because she grew so much.  She is still technically in 9 month clothes but they are getting pretty tight and short.  12 month clothes are still a bit big, but they at least cover her up.  She was only 50th percentile last time, but she may have shot up.  She still has rolls up and down her legs and her belly is pretty large after a bottle.  I'm not out of size 3 diapers, but she has gone through them lately so it's size 4's from now on.  

Paige is a baby on a mission.  She likes to be held when she's sad or fussy, but otherwise she wants to be crawling or walking.  She likes toys some, but she just wants to climb and play.  She loves to hold onto your hands and walk around the house.  She also loves to walk around the couches.  She also likes to sit in strollers and carts.  Anything that she can feel big and look at everything around her.  One of her favorite toys is her basket of baby essentials under the coffee table.  It has diapers, wipes, thermometer, nail clippers, etc.  She loves to just sit and pull everything out of the basket and play with it.  I probably pick it up 5 times a day.  She is ok in her car seat, but I know she wishes she could face the front like Harper.  Thankfully, Harper is a great big sister and takes care of her in the car.  She entertains her and reads to her and gives her toys.  And feeds her bottles when we are on the road - seriously couldn't do it without her!

Paige is still drinking a 6-7 ounce bottle every 4 hours.  She eats breakfast, lunch and dinner.  She likes fruits best, all berries, and a newfound liking for banana.  She loves sweet potato, but that's about it for veggies.  Sometimes carrots, sometimes eggs, and sometimes beans.  She doesn't really love meat.  She will always eat breads though.  Pancakes for breakfast, tortillas, bread, etc.  If it's something she likes, she will eat enough for an adult.  If it's not, she just won't eat.  It's like she can take it or leave it.  Crazy girl.  

Paige is saying lots of words now.  She still says Mama the most, and always repeats it over and over again when she's crying.  But she also says Dada now, along with Ba-ba and Pa-pa.  She is super ticklish, especially on her sides.  She loves to play the game where I take her paci and tell her it's mine.  She laughs, grabs it and says "Mama Pa-Pa."  She sits in her high chair and watches Harper run around the living room and laughs for an hours.  It's funny because sometimes she can't decide if Harper is happy or sad, so she stares at her and waits for her to laugh and smile and then she does the same.  She is so happy to see Cody after work.  She looks up at him and then speed crawls right to him and asks to be picked up.  Paige is a lover and a happy baby.  She smiles at everyone she sees and is so easy to please.  We absolutely love everything about her.  Happy 10 months Paigie! 

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