Thursday, February 26, 2015

Meet Little Miss Paige

I was remarkably impressed with how smooth everything went on Thursday, considering no one was prepared for Paige to come that day.  Our first priority was to spend time with Paige, and then to have Harper get to meet Paige before anyone else.  We got to just relax in our room for about 2 hours and then Buddy and Serena brought Harper up to the hospital.  She came in the room and was extremely nervous and freaked out.  I might have scared her a bit with my rushing around and being nervous and anxious that morning.  Cody held her and she wouldn't come near me.  Finally, I just grabbed her and sat her on my lap and she did great.  She hugged me for awhile and then finally met Paige.  I can't believe it, but she instantly loved her.  She looked at her fingers and toes and gave her kisses.  She held her for a good 20 minutes, which is big in toddler time.  

After about 30 minutes, they came to take Paige to get her first bath.  They also were moving us to our room for the night.  And after that our family was allowed to come in.  During her bath, Cody said she hated it but loved getting her hair brushed.  And in her bath pictures, she looks so much like Harper in her first bath pictures.  They have the same little nose and eye shape.  Harper was a little chunkier, but their pictures look almost like the same baby.  

After bath, most of the family got to come in the room.  They were able to watch the bath too, but now it was time to pass the baby around.  Mark and KK, Buddy and Serena, Gary and Kristi, Taylor and Carleigh.  Kristen was out of town in Chicago and I am betting we both teared up during the day. But I am so thankful that she was coming home that night.  Everyone got to hold her and she just slept the entire time.  Harper got some good attention and a Frozen balloon from KK.  Plus, any gifts for Paige were just as fun for Harper to open.  Sadly, since she came early, she missed her shower that weekend.  So the grandparents brought their gifts to the hospital so we would have them for her.  After awhile, Carleigh and Taylor took Harper to run around the hospital and get some energy out.  When she got back, she immediately wanted to hold Paige.  We let her up on the bed and she got to hold her.  And of course, sweet girl, loved on her so well.  She broke out in Happy Birthday and it was the most precious thing ever!  Kristen got into DFW at 6pm and immediately drove up.  She got to see Paige from 8-9 and it was so nice of her.  She is pregnant and usually goes to bed at 8, so I was thankful that she came at all!  Cody took Harper home at 8 so that they could both get a good night's sleep.  Then at 9, Kristen and KK went home and Taylor and Carleigh stayed the night with me at the hospital.  Taylor got the crappy fold out chair and Carleigh got the foam on the floor.  Poor girls.  Paige slept good that night, but I had to keep my hand near her so she wouldn't cry.  I'm sure she had a rough day.  

Happy BIRTHday Paige Marie!  We love you so much!

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