Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Perot Museum

We wanted to have a fun family day before Paige came and celebrate Harper's last bit as an only child.  We decided to visit the Perot Museum on the last Saturday of January, even though we had a few weeks till Paige was supposed to arrive.  We got there when it opened and did the children's floor first.  She was shy at first and wouldn't really play around.  They had a camping area, a grocery store area, a water table, an arts and crafts area, and a jungle gym.  She kinda walked around slowly and just observed all the other kids playing.  There were a ton of kids there (they were having multiple birthday parties - yikes) and it was a bit overwhelming.  Cody might have actually hated that part, he doesn't really like other people's kids, especially when they are undisciplined and unwatched.  But Harper had fun.  She didn't want to leave the grocery store but Cody finally got her to go see the rest of the museum.  We went up the 4 story, all glass escalator that you can see from the highway and Harper thought it was awesome.  Then we visited the top floor which was all about dinosaurs and fossils.  She didn't really understand but liked looking at all the animals.  It was lunchtime after that so we headed to Klyde Warren Park to eat at the food trucks and play on the playground.  Harper had a blast rolling down this astroturf hill and running back up.  It got cold and misty after awhile, so we headed back to the museum.  We saw the last two floors about the galaxy and motion and those weren't as interesting for Harper.  They did have computers and Harper kept wanting to play on them, but all they did was show a video of someone lecturing about that particular level.  They were boring and she kept asking how she was supposed to play.  She did have fun though and she didn't want to leave.  We promised her one last ride up the escalator and then we headed out.  It was fun to just do something different and enjoy Harper one last time before our life changes big time.  

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