Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Welcome to the world, Paige Marie!

At my 36 week check up, I was 3 cm dilated and 50% effaced.  She said I could go into labor that weekend or it could still take a few weeks.  I was so ready to have her, but wasn't sure when she would come.  I worked out all week and had a few moments when I thought maybe I was having a contraction, but wasn't sure.  Tuesday, I had a dream that I went into labor and when I woke up at 3am, I was so sad to find out it wasn't true.  I went to Nabors at 37 weeks (and two days) at 9am, and got my check up.  I begged her nurse to have her just somehow send me into labor.  However, she checked me and I was 6 cm - active labor!  She told me to go to the hospital, in which I asked if I could go home and shower and pack my bag.  She said I could get a bag but not shower, to hurry to the hospital.  I called Cody and told him to come, so he just walked out of class with about 10 minutes left, knowing that someone would take care of it.  Buddy came over to watch Harper so we could go to the hospital.  I told him I was in labor, but I guess he thought I was joking because when he got over, he asked what I needed from him.  Seriously, I'm in labor.  

I quickly showered and packed a bag.  I was headed to the gym and was smelly and looked like crap, so I did it quick!  But after about 30 minutes at home, I could finally tell that I was in labor and it started to scare me.  So we rushed to the hospital to go meet baby Paige.  When I got there and signed in, all the nurses made fun of me that I was at a 6 and on the way to the gym.  They thought I would have had her on the gym floor.  I got all checked in around 10:30am, and Dr. Nabors came and broke my water at 11am.  I got my epidural at 11:30am but it never really kicked in.  My right thigh was completely numb, but not my left leg or my belly.  They kept trying to give me more meds, but it never really worked.  They eventually started my pitocin at 1:50pm because I was only at 7 cm and not really progressing quickly.  I told them that the pitocin worked well and quickly with Harper, and that I only needed a little.  Within 15 minutes, I was having serious pain with my contractions.  They were huge and long and I was not able to breathe during them.  After about 5 minutes of being in extreme pain, Cody called for the nurse.  Sadly, the nurse call button didn't work and she didn't come for 15 minutes.  I truly was in the worst pain.  I couldn't move or breathe, I just wanted to push her out.  The nurse finally got there and when she checked, she realized that Paige was right there and coming any second.  She called Nabors, who got there in about 30 seconds, and we started pushing.  Sadly, the epidural never really kicked in and I felt every single contraction and pain.  My nurse, Leah, called it the "ring of fire" when you deliver a baby naturally.  The name definitely suits.  Thankfully, I only pushed two times and Paige was here.  They asked Cody three times if he wanted to cut the cord and me once and both of us were a little overwhelmed and didn't want to.  I was definitely exhausted and still in pain and couldn't take anyone talking to me or asking anything of me.  I can't believe how bad Paige and I's first picture together is, but that face is exactly how I felt at the time.  A little like death.  

Paige Marie Hempkins was born at 2:33pm.  She weighed 6 pounds, 15 ounces.  She was 19 inches long.  Her head was 13 1/4 inches around.  She has super long fingers and feet.  She has a full head of dark brown hair that is a little fuzzy.  She has dark, dark grey/blue eyes.  Since she was born 3 weeks early, she also has a coat of down on her that was keeping her warm inside.  It is the reason she was grey/purple when she was born and a little gross.  She is absolutely perfect and absolutely beautiful.  I honestly can't believe she is so new, it feels like I've known her my whole life.  After the delivery, I did give Dr. Nabors a big thank you for getting me un-pregnant finally.  I can't believe she actually came early!  And I will say, it was worth it - she is amazing (however it won't be happening again!). 

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