Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Paige's Room

It took me until 8 1/2 months pregnant, but Paige's room is finally done.  I knew I wouldn't even start her room until we picked out her name, and that took until 8 months for us to agree on.  We literally wrote out a list of about 50 names we liked and then eliminated them one by one until we were down to our top 10.  Then we prioritized them.  Then, there were only two names in the top 5 that we both liked.  Delainey and Paige.  I was set on Delainey at first because it was a little different, which is what I was going for.  However, my sisters said they didn't like it and would call her by a nickname.  Since I am a victim of having a nickname since birth, I just didn't want my kids to get stuck with a nickname that they didn't like.  So sadly, Delainey was a no go and Paige was the winner.  Once we settled on Paige, we picked colors and I got started on her room.  We tried to incorporate a few things that same from Harper's nursery.  She got an open frame with her name painted on her wall.  She is using Harper's mobile for her crib.  And she got a scripture just for her made on wood planks.  All things that Harper had too.  I made her crib skirt and recovered her glider chair.  We found the rug at Ikea less than a week before she was born.  We had an old gold mirror of Nana's that we painted and I recovered my old memo board again that used to hold Harper's bows.  I got an idea of pinterest for the wooden embroidery hoops with fabric in them, which was a simple and cheap way to add art to the wall.  And my favorite, her confetti curtains.  I love them and they actually turned out pretty good compared to the pinterest edition.  It's a much simpler room this time.  She will only stay in it for about a year until she and Harper start sharing a room.  Plus, I was 8 1/2 months pregnant, and even this little amount of crafting was a bit hard to do.  But we love the end result and think it fits Paige perfectly!

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