Sunday, February 15, 2015

Happy Birthday Lucy!

Harper takes dance class with Lucy Piazza and plays with her some days at the gym.  Kari and I have gotten to be great friends because we seem to have hours to talk while our kids play and tons in common.  Our girls also get along well so it has been a nice match.  Lucy turned three and had a gymnastics birthday party.  Harper loved running around the gym and playing on all the equipment.  She has asked numerous times when she gets to go back.  I think next year, we will have to sign her up for gymnastics instead.  She also loved the long trampoline.  She would jump all the way down it and then play on the equipment along the way back.  She never really went to the end of the line either.  She would cluster in the middle and then slowly make her way to the front as other kids weren't looking.  She probably jumped three times more than any of the other kids.  After the kids played for awhile, they had snacks and cake.  Lucy picked a Sheriff Callie theme and Harper loved it.  We had a great time and can't believe Lucy is finally three!

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