Sunday, February 15, 2015

January Updates

January has been basically uneventful.  I am 8 months pregnant and kinda starting to lag behind in all things.  Harper has been great, we still go to the gym and all of our activities so she gets out of the house most days.  And when she doesn't, she just plays in her playroom for hours, dressing up and playing make believe.  She can spend an hour sitting at the table playing with the last spaghetti noodle and making up stories about it.  It's pretty funny to sit and watch.  

The threes are quite possibly going to kill us.  I finally broke down the other day and just bawled my eyes out (yes, I know I'm pregnant and that had quite a bit to do with it).  Cody was in class so I called my sister and said "I just can't handle her right now and a new baby."  She laughed and we talked about Grayson when he went through it and some things to try.  So we made a new reward chart and put obeying, listening, and talking nice on there.  We also made punishments a little more severe because they didn't seem to be working lately.  She did pretty good for the last few weeks that we have been working on them.  She usually only gets a sticker for obeying or listening every other day or so.  But there has been progress.  We are struggling with saying no and throwing fits every time we ask her to get dressed, change out of dress up clothes, take a bath, take a nap, stop playing to eat, etc.  So like, all day.  But, baby steps.  

We finally got her glasses in and she looks SO CUTE!  I wasn't sure what I would think or what she would think, but it's so good!  She didn't want to wear them the first few days, but has been totally fine ever since.  And I honestly can't get enough of her, she is just so precious in them.  Now, her face looks naked without them.  And all of our family and friends have been wonderful, telling her how beautiful she is and how much they like her glasses.  She kept asking for dark blue, and we told her that if she wanted to change the frames next time to dark blue she could.  Then, she got her new boots in from Christmas and they have the same light blue color in them so she loves them now.  She wore them for the whole month of January and when we went back to the doctor, he said her eyes were not better and that the glasses weren't doing their job.  So we will have to have eye surgery sometime this year, which is a total bummer.

No words here except that she got herself dressed.  

Harper has been into hoarding lately.  She fills something up with a ton of toys and carts it around the house.  A wagon, a basket, a blanket all folded together.  It's a little insane and takes forever to clean up afterwards.  But her imagination is crazy and you can't say no because she has a very specific and clear need to cart all this stuff around (or so she says).  

We have all been good lately.  Cody had a cold, then I got it.  Harper has been well this winter which has been nice.  She loves making sure her "fusor" (diffusor) is on at night and we love that the oils seem to be helping keep up relatively well.  I am pretty proud that I'm still going to the gym everyday because I definitely am getting huge.  Harper and Cody play everyday together.  Magna Tiles, tag, chase, etc.  They absolutely are the best pair and seriously make me so happy to watch.  Dixie and Maggie have survived the winter and are getting somewhat better about not barking all the time.  Dixie is a crazy dog though.  She can't catch food that you throw to her.  She likes to sit on her dog house and the bench.  She chews on old bones.  She chases all animals, big or small.  And she attacks Maggie everytime we get home.  

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