Monday, August 11, 2014


We had a few play groups in July where Harper got to do some new things.  She loved them!  Our first one was a mommy and me frozen yogurt date.  She loved and cherished every bite of that frozen yogurt like it was gold.  

Afterwards, we went with some friends to the Monday Madness in Sherman.  This week, the performer was a guy playing percussion.  He was a bit of an older, hippie type who truly thinks percussion is the jam.  He was hilarious!  They also have have cheap snacks so Harper got a blow pop and then didn't want it, so I ended up eating it.  It's been awhile since I ate one of those!

A few days later, we met the Shilling's at the park since it was supposed to be cooler until lunch time. They had a blast, she hasn't played at the park in forever!  Plus, she gets along with Aaron really well and now Seth since he's home for summer.  We ate lunch at their house and then went home.  She crashed on the way, which is so unusual.  She must have had a blast!

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