Monday, August 11, 2014

First Vacation Bible School

There are only a few Vacation Bible School's up here that allow 3 year olds.  A lot start with school age, but I knew she would love it if we could find one for her.  So we looked everywhere and decided to sign up with the Shilling's for one at the First United Methodist Church in Sherman.  Her preschool class had her, Aaron and Zane in it, so I knew she would have fun.  But I had a bit of a hard time leaving her on Monday.  It was my first time to ever leave her with strangers, and actually leave the premises.  It felt so weird leaving and not knowing what she was doing.  Sad!  But I was much better the second day after I knew she was having fun.

She did a craft most days, learned songs, heard bible stories, etc.  She seemed to have a good time.  Friday, they had all the parents come for a song presentation and it was so cute to see her up there with all the other kids.  She did try to come sit with us at first, but she eventually went up with her class.  None of them seemed to know what to say, but they were all so cute!  She had a great week!

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