Monday, August 25, 2014

Clementine is born!

Our bible study leaders, Jeremy and Rosanna Pilcher, had a baby at the very end of July.  Clementine Blythe is the best baby.  She sleeps all the time, hardly cries, eats well, and only gets up once at night already.  She is precious and has a full head of hair!  Camilla, Harper's friend, was nervous about getting a little sister, but she is great with her.  I got to visit Rosanna in the hospital and see Clementine at 1 day old.  She was so tiny!  Then, Cody and Harper got to meet her about a week later.  Harper is such a great mommy and already loves babies.  She wants to hold Clementine every time we visit and actually does a great job.  They are both so precious!

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