Monday, August 11, 2014

Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July!

We spent a lot of the day just hanging out and relaxing at home.  Later in the day, we were headed downtown to the festivities in Denison and I knew it was hot out.  So I asked her if I could put her hair in a ponytail, and she asked for pig tails like Reesey instead.  Whatever works, kid!  She loves Reesey!

We went downtown and they had a bounce house, a playground, snow cones, and train rides.  She wanted to do the bounce house all night but the line was long, so eventually we just had to make her leave.  She did much better on the train this time, though!

Afterwards, we came home and took a ride on the four wheeler.  Then we shot off some fireworks we had bought that afternoon.  She loved the smoke bombs and the sparklers.  She didn't like anything with noises, so we just did stuff with lights.  She had the best day!  She loved spending every minute with us and doing fun family things.  Plus, she loved the activities because they are rare up here and so fun!

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